Be a woman and act like one.  Succeeding in Business and Life

Women in business often struggle with being female.  They sense a certain weakness in being a woman, and they start developing techniques to hide their femininity.  Though they enjoy being a woman, they feel it is better to develop masculine behaviors to achieve acceptance and recognition in the workplace.

When it comes to success in business, women seem to believe that it is better to wear a “shark disguise” instead of being a beautiful coral reef fish.

In Be a Woman and Act Like One, Hertha Wolff-Arend reminds women of who they are and encourages them to emerge from the shadows. No more hiding, pretending, and feeling threatened. The new strategy is “just be yourself”—beautiful and powerful by nature.

If you feel stuck in your career or in life in general, this powerful book will help you to find the womanly way to success and happiness.

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