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Composing Your Life with Power and Ease

Escape, discover and travel deep inside your body, emotionally and spiritually. Start your internal journey into the unknown with Hertha Wolff-Arend and her team of coaching horses in the beautiful Central Coast of California, near Paso Robles and Lake Nacimiento.

Hertha’s coaching with horses programs are unique and custom-made for your personal needs or the needs of a group or a company. The unique horse programs help individuals and teams to develop their authentic leadership skills. There are also programs that support team-building by helping to find a common sense for purpose and team spirit. You will also get the opportunity to wind down, finding peace to travel deep inside your body, emotionally and spiritually starting your internal journey into the unknown. All this happens in a safe environment and with professional guidance.

Horses will accompany you on your journey. They will be your teachers or your healers, guiding you to stay true to yourself and your purpose in life.

Why horses? “The love I carry in my heart for horses is a blessing. They taught me that loving is living. They taught me what embodied leadership feels like. They taught me important emotional skills and they helped me to discover my true self. I am grateful for these life lessons and I want to pass this experience on to you. Living a life filled with love will keep you close to yourself and to others – the result is happiness. What else can we ask for in life?(Quote by Hertha Wolff-Arend)

All coaching, learning and training programs with horses are hosted in a beautiful ranch environment guided by Hertha Wolff-Arend, a Certified Coach and Certified Equine Guided Educator in Paso Robles, CA.

Hertha offers equine-facilitated group trainings as well as one-on-one coaching.

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