Coaching with Horses

A day with horses coming up on Saturday, October 17 from 9am to 5pm. Save your spot early, group fills up quickly. Please contact me for more information.

Composing your life with power and ease

IMG_5597-2Every one is the leader of his or her life. It is not just the challenge or privilege of a manager to lead. If you want to be in charge of your life, you must become the leader of your own life. Unfortunately, many people lose this leadership role and their life fades, turning into the life of someone else’s, but not their own life. Too often, life turns people into puppets, controlled by outside forces other than the force of their own power.

Some leaders are also managers, business-owners or entrepreneurs of some sort. Business leaders must deal with all kinds of issues. To name just a few: How can I gain more visibility and approval in the company? How can I get a promotion? How can I convince my boss and coworkers of my capabilities? How can I balance my private life with my business life? What makes me a successful leader and valuable team-member?

The answers to all these questions are within you, and equine-facilitated coaching can help you discover the blind spots and find new perspectives. As a certified business coach, former managing director and certified equine guided educator, Hertha Wolff-Arend can support you in finding the answers you need to move on, composing your life with power and ease. She works with one or several of her horses to help those who are ready to clarify life and work related issues faster than traditional approaches that can typically take weeks, months or even years to achieve results.

Hertha’s Coaching with Horses Process

This is a possible approach for a one-on-one
equine-guided coaching.

At first, I listen deeply to where you are in your life, what you do, your concerns, your goals, your personal visions and ambitions. I listen in many domains – cognitive, emotional, somatic, relational and spiritual, paying full attention to how you are integrating these domains in your life.

Process – Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching

It is important to explore your questions – your deepest concerns or issues – before the horses enter the process. Then the horse can act as your teacher or healer. Sometimes, when a person cannot express the real issue, or is not aware of it, the horse, with its sensitivity and capacity to heal, can help the participant identify the own internal pain. It is a very individual process with an open and unpredictable ending. Sometimes several coaching with horses sessions may be needed to come to the core of a question, and often only one equine-guided learning session will enable the participant to find an answer. Hertha guides the participant through the process.

No horse-riding is involved. All exercises are ground work only.


To dig deeper into the equine facilitated learning and coaching experience, if required Hertha Wolff-Arend will also apply her certified knowledge using the following assessment tools:




Emotional Intelligence Assessment by MHS Multi Health Systems called EQ.i 2.0





LEA 360 Leadership Effectiveness Analysis
IDI Individual Directions Inventory

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