“It seems like it is all about energy as Hertha says. My experience at the workshop was not work at all. It was so relaxing, exciting and full of love all at the same time. The energy that I found was so very wonderful while being at Hertha’s ranch with her 4 therapy horses. This was a life changing event that I will never forget. My day was filled with surprises with the horses and also with the amazing support from everyone. I really can’t put into words the peace and joy that I came away in just a few short hours. The horses taught me so much. All I had to do was talk to them verbally and non-verbally. Horses are in the moment and being in the moment sometimes means being silent and quiet. The horses helped me to re-center and learn confidence, leadership and mutual respect. My only hope is that others will take advantage of the opportunity to be with the horses and Hertha in the future. I feel it is an experience that you will be sharing a lot with others. A true gift…Thank you, Hertha, for the most wonderful day and for sharing your four-legged family with us. It really knocked my socks off. You are so special…”

– Jan Hop

“My own strengths and challenges were revealed to me in a totally new light during the workshop. I loved the mix of writing, discussion, contemplation, and interactive exercises with our group. I was amazed at what I learned from our guided exercises with the horses, and from watching the video of the experience afterward. What I saw about my leadership skills gave me rock-solid information that I couldn’t have gotten any other way. Hertha helped me gently peek in at myself from some new perspectives to learn surprising things. With compassionate skillful experience she brought out a new depth of awareness in us all, and helped us to bring it out in each other. It was a profound experience — mixed with fun, in such a beautiful setting! I came away with self-knowledge and tools I can apply right now to improve my leadership, my business and my life. Thank you, Hertha!”

– Janet Hilts

“Every time I pick up your book and turn to a random page, I find a little nugget of wisdom, a jewel of insight. I will eventually read your book cover-to-cover, but little tiny bites are delicious, too! Thank you so much and it was lovely meeting you!”

– Amy Harway (Women in Business)

“It has been one week since our wonderful retreat with Hertha and her herd of amazing horses. My management team cannot stop talking about our experience. We all feel more connected, calmer and with a clearer understanding about our roles in our team. We cannot thank Hertha enough for bringing us together in such a beautiful setting, amongst such amazing creatures, to share such an amazing day. Our management staff has been transformed into a trusting, purposeful team, ready to lead our agency forward. Thank you, Hertha!”

– Jennifer Adams, Executive Director of RISE (Sexual Assault/Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence Programs) www.RISEslo.org

“Our marketing agency has a team of 5 staff who participated in Hertha’s Coaching with Horses Program at her beautiful ranch in Paso Robles. We were hoping to understand effective communication and leadership skills and Hertha’s coaching with horses did just that! After several hours of being on ‘horse time’ and connecting with the intuitiveness, leadership and followership of the horses – we all were able to walk away with greater verbal and non-verbal communication tools that we did not have before. The experience bonded us as a team, and encouraged our own self-discovery as well. Thank you Hertha!”

– Sophia Stephens, Account Manager at AR & Co. PR & Marketing