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Leadership Training with Horses

IMG_5623-2As a leadership coach, personal coach and business coach – and with her personal background as a Managing Director in the international advertising industry, Hertha Wolff-Arend understands the demands and challenges men and women in business are dealing with when it comes to leadership.
The leader’s style controls 50 – 70% of the climate in a group, and the climate of a team or company controls 20 – 30 % of profitability. Leadership success means profitability and this is what companies are aiming at.

True leadership is intuitive leadership or simply said it means leading from within. This is an important first step to understand, because nothing will change unless we lead from the inside out. What does that mean? Strong leadership is what others sense in you and not only what they hear from you. There are no words that can win others over to follow you unless the others feel that these words are representing your own truth and intention.

According to Daniel Goleman or Dr. Baron, founders of the term Emotional Intelligence, a successful leader must have a skill set of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills as well as problem solving skills, stress tolerance, impulse control and an optimistic view on life. Most people are not born with all of these skills. The good news is, that it is never too late to learn them. Other than cognitive intelligence, the so-called emotional intelligence can be developed throughout everyone’s life.

Leadership is not just a skill-set needed by professionals, managers or business owners, but also by students, mothers, assistants, service staff you name it. Everyone who wants to stay in charge of his or her own life is a leader.


The Course – Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching

There are no better coaches for developing leadership skills than horses. They sense right away if you are authentic and real, they respond to your somatic language rather than to spoken words. Horses only follow when they sense true leadership; otherwise horses feel threatened, nervous and cannot trust you.

The equine facilitated training and coaching includes unique groundwork exercises that give the participant the opportunity to experience leadership by working with a horse.

• Gain valuable insight into the skill set of emotional intelligence and its impact on your personal leadership style.

• Create effective and loyal followership; inspire commitment.

• Recognize and respect your intuition and instinct (‘gut’)

• Find your purpose and communicate it clearly , both verbally and non-verballyIMG_5627-2

• Practice how to manage rapid change and get ‘unstuck’

When working with horses, you demonstrate leadership that a horse can recognize by communicating a clear intention with authenticity, presence, purpose and body language. Specific exercises support you in exploring new practices for achieving your goals.

During this process, every individual is guided with regard to his/her specific ambitions, goals and personality. There is no doing right or wrong. The process supports you in your personal development by focusing on your needs, supporting your purpose and strengthening your leadership style.

Through equine-facilitated learning and coaching, the horse literally guides the participant by sensing and reacting to inner states of mind and physical energetic states of presence and communication. Every horse-guided training session is followed by a debriefing, reflection and a discussion to reinforce the strong learning process between the participant and the horse.

No horse experience is required. No horse-riding is involved. All exercises are ground work only and are held at Hertha’s ranch on the Central Coast of CA, near Paso Robles and Lake Nacimiento (halfway between San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA).
Follow-up coaching sessions with (or without) horses can be scheduled if desired.

Customized company horse retreats and horse coaching and development programs can last for a full day, or 2 days. Contact us to discuss desired outcomes or make a reservation for your group, company or individual needs. We will send you a non-binding cost estimate and an outline for a course designed to meet your own needs and/or the needs of your company.

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