The Healing Power of Passion

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”  (Hebbel, German Poet and Dramatist, 1813-1863)

Anything we do with passion comes from our hearts.  It is part of our true nature and it shows who we really are and what is really important to us.  Read more here.

Often in our lives we lose the passion in what we are doing or we simply cannot find passion in what we do.  I have often written about the hamster wheel women are trapped in, and we will then do anything to please others or fulfill our obligations.  We often don’t even question our lives and simply go along with the way it is presented to us.  We are lucky when we find passion in what we are doing, but if not we still move along the beaten path.  Passion seems like luxury while responsibility is the key driver.

I understand that we have to take responsibility but that should not prevent us from listening to our hearts.  Finding your passion means finding your true self, and that is the foundation base for happiness and fulfillment. I get inspired when I do business in big cities like San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Sacramento.

In my coaching practice I talk to women who are not happy with their work and/or their personal lives.  They complain about not having the success and results they are hoping for.  “Why didn’t I get the promotion?”  “My coworkers don’t seem to like or respect me.”  “My boss never listens to me or gives me enough attention.”  The list of complaints is endless but the list of ideas about what they can do to get out of their unsatisfying situation is short or simply does not exist.  Instead many women seem to want to devote themselves to feeling miserable.  They develop a numbness or frustration which they try to cover up with consumption, drugs, alcohol and other distractions.

This must end and the way out of it is:  Find your passion in life.  I found my passions in life and most of the time I am able to do what I really like.  I worked many years in the advertising industry in Germany and I loved it.  I changed paths after becoming a passionate mom later in life.  I went through coaching training, wrote my book and started my own business in Paso Robles, CA – and I love it.  On top of that I am a passionate animal lover, in particular horses, and I am happy to live my passion every day.

Some might say that I am just extremely lucky and fortune is on my side, but I firmly reject this.  Finding my passions in life was part of my mission.  I did not stop until I found the job I liked.  Trust me, there were many obstacles in my way.  In my book “Be a Woman and Act Like One, Succeeding in Business and Life.” I also talk about how I climbed the career ladder.  Passion also has a price, it is not a gift, but you have to work for it day and night, giving all you have to make it come true – even if you have to find inspiration in big cities like San Francisco, Santa Barbara or Sacramento – go for it!

I believe that once you know what your passions are, you will create opportunities and focus your energies in the right direction.

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

John Maxwell (American Author and motivational speaker )

I could not agree more.  It is not the position you are in that makes you successful and good at what you are doing, but it is your passion that makes a difference to you and to others.

Think about John Maxwell’s words and ask yourself, What can you do to live your life with passion? Sign up to receive my monthly inspirations at hertha @ or find me on Facebook.

–      Be a woman and act like one, Hertha Wolff – Arend


About Hertha Wolff-Arend

I am a business coach and writer located in Paso Robles, California. I am the author of the book Be a woman and act like one. Succeeding in business and life’’ and I write a blog for women with the same title. I give motivational speeches and offer leadership and personality trainings to women. I also work with business owners and managers to support them in their leadership skills and personal development. As a strategic consultant, I also help companies with their communication and marketing strategy. Born and raised in Germany, I spent most of my adult life in Europe. I have a German university degree in languages and economics and I worked for many years in the advertising industry as one of the few female managing directors in Germany for major international advertising agencies such as Young&Rubicam, TBWA and Bates. My client list consisted of mainly blue chip clients, where I was responsible for their communications strategies and the development and execution of the advertising concepts. Just to name a few clients: Lufthansa, Danone, Kraft Foods, Bosch, Singapore Airlines, Ericsson, Campbells etc. In 2004 I relocated with my husband and son to California. I graduated from New Venture West in San Francisco as a Certified Integral Coach and started my own coaching practice in 2007. I am fluent in German and English and have conversational skills in Spanish. Aside from my dedication to work and family, I am a passionate dressage rider. I am devoted to supporting women in business, with a focus on women in the lower and middle management who are aiming at a career in the higher ranks or who want to develop their own business.
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