The Faces of Success

Success shows many faces.  Literally speaking, I am talking about women who are successful in different careers.  I recently met a successful business woman who also started a political career.  No, I am not talking about Sarah Palin, but there are many more women out there that show a lot of competence, power and grace in the business and political worlds.  Observing successful women in their roles as managers, politicians or any other profession teaches you a lot about female power.

The Faces of Success

Let me start to talk about a woman I met recently and who started her political career after having a successful business career.  She was middle-aged and experienced a lot in her life – not only fun stuff that was for sure.  When I listened to her speech, I was impressed by her knowledge, but what impressed me even more was her style.  She showed elegance, she was well dressed and she spoke with a pleasant voice communicating in a clear and straightforward manner.  Some might call her a woman with a lot of charisma, while I would call this authenticity.  She acted the way she was, and she was exactly the person she presented to everybody in the audience.  Her presentation convinced me, and the feedback from the audience was in her favor, too.

What is it that makes a speaker pleasant and convincing?  It is the whole package.  When you buy a great gift in a matching and beautiful looking wrap or box, the effect is fantastic.  The manner of presentation is an important factor.  Be aware of how you look and what impression you make on others.  It was a delight to both listen and look at the woman I met.  She had a strong message in terms of content, and she looked great (packaging).  Altogether it was a pleasure to listen and look at her.

At this point you might argue that not every woman inherited the gift of timeless beauty and grace.  Some women will say: “I am not beautiful and a pleasure to look at.  Nobody will love to look and listen to me!”  Others might raise the question: “Do I need to be beautiful to be successful or is beauty rather a disadvantage in competing in a highly competitive world dominated by men.”

Faces of Success

Every woman is beautiful in her own way.  This “own way” is what I call authenticity.  If you allow the nature of your personality to shine through you are beautiful and others will pay attention to you.  If you then really have something essential to say, they will not only pay attention, but they will begin to trust and follow you.  This is what I call being successful.

You can see many faces of success.  You meet women in business, in politics and many other areas who make their way successfully.  You will see different faces and personalities, but what they all have in common is: substance and personality.  In the end this is what we like them for.  You literally don’t just buy a wrap, there really is a precious gift inside – the gift of authenticity and female power.

Be a woman and act like one.

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