2-Day Workshop – September 22 and 23, 2012 – Sign Up Today!

Be a Woman and Act Like One 2-Day Workshop
September 22 and 23, 2012 – Sign Up Today!

How horses can help you in your development
A life changing experience

Women in business often struggle with living their femininity.  This struggle leads to symptoms such as lack of authenticity, insecurity about job performance, questioning personal values and low self-esteem.  As a result, women struggle with being successful leaders and they become lifelong followers in a world led by men.

Getting to the roots of a problem

Like any other problem, you have to get to the roots before you find a way out.  You can’t repair a broken car before you know what the problem is.  A doctor can only successfully treat symptoms when he has diagnosed the disease.

How can you deal with the source of your struggles in business and life?  Live your femininity in all areas of your life and develop your authenticity. Reveal who you really are: A powerful woman and not a bad copy of a man.

In my workshop we will get to the roots of your problem.  What is holding you back?  How can you develop your self-awareness?  How can you strengthen your leadership and communication skills?

We will do individual and group exercises and learn about useful tools you can use in daily life that support your personal growth.

We will also work with horses. Why horses?

Horses are the wisest mentors in teaching human leadership, self-awareness and how to develop healthy relationships.

Horses can heal and teach non-verbal communication.  They respond to a person’s intentions, emotions and thoughts that are expressed through body language.  Through a horse’s response, a person can learn to face and manage fears and emotions and communicate clearly.  Horses sense and reflect our fear and anxiety as well as our self-confidence and clarity.

The skills we generate from working with horses can be transferred into the business environment.  You will learn a lot about your leadership skills by working with a horse.  They can be your training partner to establish trust and help you respect and discover the unique abilities that make you a better leader.

Join my upcoming 2-Day Workshop on September 22 and 23, 2012 today. For more information please contact me at 805.234.6454, email Hertha@HWA-Coaching.com or visit my website.

When: Saturday – Sunday, September, 22 and 23, 2012
Where: Paso Robles, CA
Cost: Introductory rate of $200/person includes lunch, beverages, and a copy of my book.

About Hertha Wolff-Arend

I am a business coach and writer located in Paso Robles, California. I am the author of the book Be a woman and act like one. Succeeding in business and life’’ and I write a blog for women with the same title. I give motivational speeches and offer leadership and personality trainings to women. I also work with business owners and managers to support them in their leadership skills and personal development. As a strategic consultant, I also help companies with their communication and marketing strategy. Born and raised in Germany, I spent most of my adult life in Europe. I have a German university degree in languages and economics and I worked for many years in the advertising industry as one of the few female managing directors in Germany for major international advertising agencies such as Young&Rubicam, TBWA and Bates. My client list consisted of mainly blue chip clients, where I was responsible for their communications strategies and the development and execution of the advertising concepts. Just to name a few clients: Lufthansa, Danone, Kraft Foods, Bosch, Singapore Airlines, Ericsson, Campbells etc. In 2004 I relocated with my husband and son to California. I graduated from New Venture West in San Francisco as a Certified Integral Coach and started my own coaching practice in 2007. I am fluent in German and English and have conversational skills in Spanish. Aside from my dedication to work and family, I am a passionate dressage rider. I am devoted to supporting women in business, with a focus on women in the lower and middle management who are aiming at a career in the higher ranks or who want to develop their own business.
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